Miladent Dental & Implant Clinic is a modern network of centers that meet the highest standards of dental treatment. Our doctors have been treating patients for 15 years providing them with professional care in various fields of dentistry, especially implantology, prosthetics and orthodontics. During this time, we have inserted more than 4,000 implants and we have designed over 5,000. prosthetic works.

A (36)In addition to the significant achievements in Pomerania, Miladent Clinic has gained 10 years of experience in handling foreign patients. From the beginning of our existence we have cured more than 60 thousand patients, including over 3,000 foreign patients from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Russia.

Miladent Clinic is a training center for implant and prosthetic treatment for leading implantologists. In 2016 Miladent entered the prestigious Forbes Diamonds ranking of the most successful companies in Poland.