Is it worth taking your child to a child dentist?

Yes, definitely yes! First of all, the pediatric dentist underwent additional training in the treatment of children (4 years). And most importantly, a good pediatric dentist has a special approach to children and a whole range of ways to relieve the unpleasant experiences of dental treatment. That is why your child’s visit to the dentist may not necessarily involve fear, tears, pain, often resulting in a reluctance to last a lifetime. At the Miladent Clinic we have a whole range of modern and safe anesthesia forms and jolly techniques that will help your child get accustomed to visiting a dentist’s office.

By bringing your child to a child dentist instead of the “traditional” dentist, you are investing in his health from the very beginning. A successful visit to the dentist helps the child to develop good habits and instill a positive attitude to “going to the dentist.”

At the Miladent Clinic we provide a full range of dental services for children:
– orthodontic treatment
– dental treatment with the use of nitrous oxide (so-called “laughing gas”, completely safe for the child)
– sedation in the presence of an anesthesiologist
– painless (computered) anesthesia with the Quick Sleeper equipment
– effective colored fillings for children (available in 7 colors)

Your kid may spend a pleasant time in our playroom with a nice care and in a positive atmosphere 🙂