A (37)The Miladent Dental Clinic offers state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to provide comfort to our patients. Visiting the dentist no longer has to be associated with fear and pain. At the request of the patient, we can apply several innovative solutions so that the treatment is completely painless and stress free.

Our special proposition is treatment IN GENERAL ANESTHESIA in the presence of an anesthesiologist (so-called deep sedation) (see here).
We also offer inhalation sedation (“happy air”) (see here) providing excellent anesthetic and relaxing effect.
Another option for a painless treatment is computer anesthesia QUICKSLEEPER III (see here)


Many people are afraid of dental visits, which often leads to serious negligence of their dental condition. An excellent solution for such people is deep sedation therapy with the presence of an anesthesiologist. During such anesthesia patients can be subjected to a comprehensive dental treatment, covering all its forms, especially surgical and implant treatment. They do not feel pain and stress is reduced to a minimum. In addition, during the surgery, the patient receives antipsychotics administered by the anesthesia team, resulting in reduced postoperative effects and thus better well-being of the patient.

Deep Sedation is a safe procedure performed in the presence of an anesthetist and can be performed in both adults and children (see here) who often are not able to participate in traditional treatment. In deep sedation, two teams are involved – dental and anesthesia ones. In addition, a dental assistant and a qualified anesthesiologist are also present in the room. At the end of the procedure, the patient remains under the care of the anesthesiologist until the effects of the measures are completely resolved. The patient regains full fitness after one hour after the procedure.


This is an innovative anesthesia system for those who fear the moment of injection.
The computer automatically doses anesthesia to ensure the safety, effectiveness and predictability of anesthesia procedures. Thanks to the dynamic pressure measurement of the amount of injected agent this type of anesthesia is completely painless. Computer anesthesia has an immediate effect. The treatment can be started just after its administration.


Some patients experience panic anxiety before dental treatment. However, it is good to know that thanks to the progress of medicine and pharmacology, we can now completely overcome these unpleasant experiences. In the clinics of the Miladent Clinic we use a new, friendly and completely safe method of fighting stress and pain, i.e. inhalation sedation, commonly called the laughing gas.
This mixture of nitrous oxide (O2O) and oxygen (O2) induces a state of physical relaxation, a pleasant bewilderment, while maintaining the patient’s basic reflexes and awareness and causing the patient to feel no fear or anxiety. Therefore, the use of recreational gas (nitrous oxide) is a harmless and effective method of relieving anxiety especially recommended for children.
What matters is that the patient returns to full fitness after the procedure, as the laughing gas stops working after a few minutes after turning off the machine.